Course Details – S&F: A Visual Guide

Structure and Function:
A Visual Guide to Structure and Function Issues in Infants

This live, on-line educational program is designed for:

  • LLLL, BFUSA BC, Doulas, CLE’s, CLC’s, Peer Counselors, etc.  who cannot do hands on   evaluations/assessments;
  • Parents who want more understanding on why their child is struggling;
  • For hospital based IBCLCs who do not have time to do a hands on evaluation but
    who want the skills to recognize why a baby may be struggling to breastfeed after birth;
  • Those who want an introduction to structure and function issues in infants;

Course Content:

  • Overview of pregnancy and birth related contributors to structural issues.
  • Overview of what structure and function issues cause in both the immediate sense, and the long term effects of structure issues left untreated
  • Overview of facial asymmetry including the jaw (tilt, off-set, recession)
  • Overview of full body asymmetry
  • What to do with this information

And more!  Handouts and references included!

This class will run approximately 2-2.5 hours in length including Q&A.

Fee for this program is $35.00 (US)


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Re: CERPs –
 To keep your educational costs  down, No CERPs are offered at this time. However, those who want/need CERPs from IBLCE can petition IBLCE for CERPs on their own.  Class content documentation with needed information is provided in handouts.